What We Do


The Little Layout Company are able to design and build any size layout that is specific to your needs and the space you have available. Whether you just want boards, track and wiring, a simple layout for you to add personal touches to, or a fully complete exhibition standard layout – all are possible!

I can even come to you should you have a fixed resident layout that needs a new look. I can provide you with a scratch built building for you to add to an existing board; there are many possibilities to add those finishing touches.




Neil Mason - The Little Layout Company

Neil Mason

Layout Builder

I’m Neil Mason. For 25 years I have been building model railways as a hobby after learning the technique from my father John. When I met Lacey, she gave me the confidence to take the hobby to the next level and put up with all the ‘train talk’ until we finally became ‘The Little Layout Company’.

I am now proud to say that I now builds layouts as a full time career and love every minute of it! What a dream come true! When it comes to trains, my favourite era to model is late 1980’s to 2000. An industrial scene or diesel depot would be my ideal scene to create every time! However, I can build whatever you would like….why not get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Lacey Mason - The Little Layout Company

Lacey Mason

Web Site Admin/Advertising & Shop Manager

Some may say I am the ‘better half’ of The Little Layout Company. I’m Lacey, Neil’s wife; if you had told me many years ago that I would co-own a model railway business I would not of known what you were talking about, but I am proud to say I have learnt a lot since I met Neil and I even know my class 20’s from my class 60’s! Although I have learnt how to do grass and trees, Neil is certainly still the modeller. I am responsible for all the correspondence, keeping the web site up to date, advertising and planning; after all behind every strong man is an even stronger woman..! (Right?!)

Alan Patrick - The Little Layout Company

Alan Patrick

Baseboard & Trestle Legs Construction Manager

All great layouts start with a sturdy baseboard – this is where I come in! I’m Alan; Lacey’s Dad and Neil’s Father-In-Law (don’t worry I keep him in check!) Although you may not see me often, I am the one busy behind the scenes! Being a retired carpenter has worked well for The Little Layout Company. I currently build all the boards for Neil to work on plus any extras such as trestles come from me too! We aim to build anything to your specification and just use our knowledge and expertise about what works well.