DCC Fitting Service

If taking a loco apart to fit small DCC chips scares you then The Little Layout Company are here to help.

We have all the right tools to complete any DCC fitting service for our customers. Don’t worry about it…give it to us to do and you’ll have your loco back in no time, convereted to DCC.

Need Our Assistance

Then simply get in contact with us using our contact form here and we’ll be in touch very soon.

Need Sound Too?

Great news! Not only do we offer a sound fitting service, but we can now supply sound decoders too, taking the hassle away from you purchasing the decoder elsewhere and sending it to us.

Converting Older Locos

Older style locomotives that aren’t DCC ready don’t have to be thrown to the waste bin if you’re taking up DCC.

Today, a lot of older style locos can be DCC hard-wired giving you flexibility and also possibly saving money too.

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